Natural Remedies for Nail growth and Nailcare

The nails have a protein called keratin. Fingernails generally develop faster than the toenails. There are several factors that can help reduce nail growth, such as nutritional deficiencies, health problems and medications and hormonal changes.

“ Tips freak introduce natural remedies that can accelerate the growth of nails and effective nail care.”

  • Natural Effective Nail Growth Remedies:-
  1. Garlic Clove:

Garlic is good for nail growth. It protects infections from nails because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This makes the nails thick and soft. Cut the clove in half and gently rub your fingers. Let it remain for a few minutes to penetrate the skin and nails. You can also make a paste of some garlic cloves. Applied to the nail and leave it for five minutes. You will notice that the results very soon.

  1. Vitamin E and Essential Oils:

This vitamin is very important for hair and nail health because it stimulates their growth. A combination of vitamin E and some essential oils and the mixture is hot. Immerse the nail before going to sleep. Leave the night and you will be surprised by the morning results.

  1. Overnight Treatment:

Open two or three capsules of vitamin E and apply it on the nails. Manicure gloves placed on the hands and go to sleep. In the morning, removing the gloves, and see the difference. Do this for a week to get the best results.

  • Natural Effective Nail Care:-
  1. Take good care of nails:

Letting your nails get hard and thick can make them weak, leading to weaken and break down. For effective growing it is important to keep them neat and clean and take proper manicure and pedicure at least once a weak.

  • Proper nail filling for attractive nail shape , and make sure to use the proper method to prevent tearing.
  • Buffing the surface of the nails to keep them in good condition and get shine in nails.

  1. Eat lots of protein:

The nails are made of protein, so the first thing you can try to add more to your diet. Eat fat, fish, meat, poultry and pork, as well as spinach and other vegetables that do not contain proteins to build healthy nails.

  • Protein-rich drink shakes, protein powder or add a cup of milk protein, promote fast.
  • Eggs and nuts are also excellent sources of protein, especially if you are vegetarian, and can’t get their protein from meat or fish.

  1. Don’t use strong chemical on nails:

The use of powerful chemicals on the nails can lead to a weakening over time. Try to find natural and non-toxic nail polish and nails to take care of your nails, protect your hands from detergents and other bad chemicals as the day progresses.

  • When cleaning your home, wear rubber gloves to prevent the spread of chlorine and other aggressive chemicals on the nails.
  • Wear gloves, while dishes where most likely to break dry nails and make soap washing soap.


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